1.Purpose of Quality Warranty

According to the Administration of Automobile Brand Sales Implementing Procedures, quality warranty aims to further improve the product warranty, to realize the brand management and service, to improve the service network construction, and to maximize the customer value.

2.Scope of Quality Warranty

The warranty applies to the vehicles manufactured by CNHTC(SINOTRUK) and the subordinate producers.

3. Warranty Contents and Regulations

3.1 The warranty period refers to the period in which supplier shall provide free exchanges of corresponding parts for users as a result of any malfunction or damage caused by design, manufacturing, assembly and materials under regulated usage condition and within the service span to guarantee the normal working of the vehicle.

3.2 Warranty policy is only applicable to users who adhere to the SINOTRUK(CNHTC) operation instruction and warranty card, or the warranty right is deemed to be abandoned automatically.

3.3 CNHTC(SINOTRUK) only provides warranty for vehicle or underpan (including the refitted vehicles produced by appointed refitting SINOTRUK factory) exclusively.

3.4 In cases that any damage caused by serious overloading, or forced operation regardless of potential accidents, CNHTC(SINOTRUK) will not provide the warranty services.

3.5 Cases that damage causes can not be analyzed or identified as a result of unauthorized disassembly, exchange or maintenance by units or individual other than CNHTC(SINOTRUK) after-sale service departments, CNHTC(SINOTRUK) will not provide the warranty services.

3.6 Normal Wear and Tear Parts:

Damages of brake shoe lining, brake and clutch driven plate caused by burning and abrasion;

Consumption of wearing parts: light bulbs, fuses, wiper blade, a/filter, lens, etc.

Oil and Liquid: Lubricating oil, cooling fluid, battery fluid, cooling liquid, clutch oil etc.

3.7 In case that mileage could not be identified as a result of the odometer or control system malfunction, accumulative count would be made as follows:

Actual Mileage: Since the date of purchase, highway transport vehicles calculated as 400 km a day, other vehicles calculated as 200 kilometers a day.

3.8 The user must carry on the maintenance for the first time when CNHTC(SINOTRUK) production series vehicles have reached a range between 2000-4000 km. After the first maintenance, vehicles must be maintained in a timely manner per 10000 km (about 5000 kilometers for off-roading using vehicles). Malfunctions due to the lack of maintenance will not be warranted.

3.9 When engaged in welding for the car parts, power supply (battery cables) must be cut off. Otherwise, the resulting damages of all electrical appliances will not be warranted.

4 The complete truck warranty

4.1 For SINOTRUK tractor series or other road using trucks series including the brand HOWO , HOWO A7 , HOHAN , HOKA , GOLDEN PRINCE ect., one year or 100,000 km from the date of shipment whichever comes first;

4.2 For tipper or other off-road using trucks including the brand HOWO , HOWO A7 , HOHAN , HOKA , GOLDEN PRINCE ect, half of one year or 60 000 km from the date of shipment whichever comes first;

The Seller shall supply the Buyer claim parts to country side of buyer under CNHTC quality control system, but the local charges and customs duties shall be undertaken by the Buyer.


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