SINOTRUK Philippine: From Market Development to Market Maintenance

In recent years, the Philippine economy has continued to develop. After President Duterte took office, he invested heavily in public infrastructure construction. The market size of the medium and heavy truck industry has continued to grow. Since 2011, SINOTRUK has set up a representative office in the Philippines. They actively explored the market prospects, tapped the market potential, continuously innovated marketing channels, and intensified market development. The export of vehicles has been increasing year by year, showing explosive growth and market share retention at more than 60%. It has entered a mature period, and the focus of work has also shifted from market development to market maintenance.
Recently, in order to maintain the established distribution network, regulate the Philippine market order, and strengthen the sustainable development of the market, Yang Zhengxu, deputy chief economist of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, general manager of SINOTRUK and Yuan Zhongbo, general representative of the Asian-Australian Department, went to the Philippine market. Investigate and coordinate the deployment of market work in 2019. During the investigation, they exchanged and talked with local distributors and major customers, and deepened the dealers' complete vehicles and accessories office areas, and learned more about the development of each dealer, the existing market conditions and future development prospects, and followed up with the dealers. Confidence and strengthen cooperation with SINOTRUK was strengthened.
During the visit to Philippines, Mr. Yuan Zhongbo attended the 2018 Manila International Construction Machinery Exhibition, and worked with the dealers to understand the needs of the end customers and made detailed explanations for the customers who came to consult. The customers who came to visit, inquire and negotiate at the exhibition were in a constant stream. SINOTRUK high-end series products C7, T7 and HOWO light truck series products were highly regarded and praised by visiting customers. Customers appreciated the improvement and improvement of SINOTRUK products, and looked forward to the performance of new research and development products.
The Philippine proverb goes “Catch today, then we will not miss tomorrow." SINOTRUCK is willing to seize the opportunity and take advantage of the opportunity with the dealers, and leverage the Belt and Road to deepen the overseas market layout and work together to create better tomorrow!
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