Asem Launches 2018 Roadshows Overseas

The Asia-Europe Department jointly organized a 2018 roadshow promotion in Pakistan with local distributors. The roadshow activities were mainly concentrated in major cities and important ports in Pakistan as well as logistics and transportation centers.
The first roadshow was held from October 22nd to 24th. We put the first stop of the roadshow in Karachi, the largest city and port city in Pakistan. The road show focused on the HOWO brand and the H5B brand.
During the road show activity, a group of customers were invited to take the initiative to inquire about the performance of our truck products and the on-site test drive experience. Our team actively guides customers on the spot, introduces their product advantages and related maintenance and operation precautions patiently, provides support for the elderly customers, and checks the vehicles and gifts for free.
The second phase of the roadshow continued on October 27th - November 12th in Sadkubad, Multan, Lahore, Shehubul, Faisalabad, Sagoda, Jagwar, and Islamabad. For the bright future of SINOTRUK, we will fight for it.
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