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SINOTRUK Successfully Financed Low-cost Consortium Loan Amou
Subordinate section:Company news   Release time:2014-11-15 15:08

 On February 25, SINOTRUK (Hong Kong) Limited successfully financed the low-cost consortium loan amounted to RMB 1 billion in Hong Kong.


 In recent years, SINOTRUK (Hong Kong) Limited has obtained great operation performance and has enjoyed great reputation in capital markets in Hong Kong. SINOTRUK has successfully financed RMB 1 billion consortium loan in Hong Kong and properly replaced the consortium loan amounted to RMB 1.8 billion signed in March 2012.


 With the term of 3 years, the consortium loan amounted to RMB 1 billion was financed in cooperation with Bank of China (Hong Kong) at the annualized rate of 4.5%, which is equivalent to that the base rate for domestic RMB loan over the same period is lowered by 27%. Currently, the domestic loan size keeps down and the financing cost rises increasingly; thus, this loan can be used for further optimizing SINOTRUK’s debt structure, reducing financial costs and helping SINOTRUK establish good image in capital market in Hong Kong.


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