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 SINOTRUK was the first domestic manufacturer of heavy duty trucks and built China's first heavy duty truck in 1960. Through years of research and innovation,we have had obvious advantages in market network,product,technology and cost,and established a unique enterprise culture.
We market our products under the brand name"SINOTRUK"(China Heavy Duty Truck)in Chinese and "SINOTRUK"in English.The company was granted as National complete truck export base enterprise by National Development and Reform Commission and Ministry of Commerce.Our brand was awarded as one of 10PRC brands by the World Confederation of Productivity Science. Our target is to be aworld wellknown heavy truck manufacturer and provide customers with cleaner,energy-saving,safer and more comfortable transportation vehicles. Our development  target is to build the company into a"world wellknown heavy truck manufacturing base which is displaceable in China".In order to realize this target,the enterprise will insist on carrying out four strategies,i.e. Internationalization,technology ahead,high quality and low cost,and regionalization to realize the internationalization of product ,market,capital,mechanism,brand and talent and establish an international sustainable enterprise with selfinnovation capability and core competitiveness.
Manufacturing Division under SINOTRUK Jinan Truck Co.,Ltd.mainly produces over 2000 truck models of HOWO, STEYR KING,STEYR series,GVW ranges 1460t,and power ranges 266hp420hp,including vantype cargo truck,tractor, tipper,refitted truck,specialpurpose truck etc. It is composed of 6 plants such as the general assembly plant,the cab plant,and the frame plant etc.and departments such as technology,quality,manufacturing,parts,KD.It has five processes:mechanical machining,pressing,welding,painting, and assembling.It has passed ISO9000:2000 quality management system certification,3C certification and complete vehicle inspection-free(approval) on-site auditing.At the same time,it actively carries out the evaluating index system that takes six-Sigma as its main contents;therefore the quality level of complete vehicle reaches the advanced level of the world. TRP(Truck Resource Planning) computer management system currently has realized computerized management on the procedure from order receipt,production arrangement to delivery.Several models can be assembled at the same time on general assembly line to meet individual demand of the market to the largest extent.Electronic chip management guarantees the complete record on main assemblies data and production procedure data which provide firsthand material for quality trace in the whole life of the truck,accident analysis and liability investigation.

The division has eight production lines including engine parts production,assembling, commissioning,painting etc.
The manufacturing engineering and equipment reach advanced level in China,The division mainly focuses on machining of  engine cylinder block and head,and assembly,commissioning and painting of the engine. HANGZHOU ENGINE CO.,LTD 
The plant is a large-scale backbone enterprise which specializes in heavy and high-speed diesel engines.

The company owns several worldclass production lines including friction welding machine,machining center and flexible main carrier assembly line,Main products:axles and clutches of three series and over 300 varieties including front axle,front drive axle and hub reduction drive axle and clutch assembly of SINOTRUK brands, HOWO1249,1279 single reduction drive axles,the king of the axle with independent right of property HOWO 1667,1697single reduction drive axles. The company passed ISO9000, "3C" of China and TS16949 of international automotive industry one after the other. OVERSEAS MARKETING SERVICE NETWORK,GOING TOWARDS ECONOMIC GLOBALIZATION Export volume has been ranking No.1 since 2005.Currently,Products are sold to 60 countries and areas.

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